Adelaide Walks  n Talks with Neil

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You are invited to attend one (or more) 60 to 90 minute walking tours around Adelaide. It is best if you attend at least one of these tours within the first 24 hours of your arrival in Adelaide because upon its completion you will have a better understanding of Adelaide's history, South Australian culture,  and what to do in Adelaide. These tours will help you make the most of your time in Adelaide especially since subjects like transport and orientation will briefly be discussed in each tour, however all the other information on the tours will be different,  hence you can attend all four walking tours if you see fit. Some tours will also have an optional lunch with the group, hence you will have to opportunity to mix with other tourists,  as well as the locals.

The tours are outlined in the map below. These tours are ideal for:

These tours are also perfect for corporate functions, team building and those seeking a different experience of Adeliade!

Everyone on the tours will:


Tours can be run each day at: 7:30am, 10am, 12:20pm, 2pm or 5:30pm, however bookings are essential and bookings will be put together to add up to at least six people for each tour, however, once a tour is running, people will be able to join without notice.   

The maximum number of people on a tour will be 20,  and priority will be given to those who book in advance.  The tours will be adapted for the main population of the group, however preference will be given to those who have either paid and booked rather than those who have just turned up,  so each tour could be quite different.

Photos: Neil may take photos during the tour,  however they will not appear on social media,  unless he has your permission. The best photo can be emailed to you for free as a memento if you want. The tour will focus on places where you can take great/interesting/unique photos in Adelaide. 

All walking tours are different, and will end at a place where the group can have a refreshment drink, relax and ask questions about Adelaide and get to know others in the group for a little while. Participants will then be given the option to continue on the next walking tour with Neil, or return later in the day or week for a different walk covering a different area of Adelaide.  

At least one walking tour will be run each day and the cost will range from $10 to $20 per person depending on the tour, and all tours will be enjoyable, fun, interactive and informative. 

If people who have accessibility issues book a tour, all venues and the course will be appropriate for those people.  More information on accessibility is in AccessAbility Issues.

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For Bookings contact Neil on 08 8331 1599 or
email via or see

For tour routes see the map below,  and below that are the available tours being run. (Source)


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