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After working over 30 years with Information Technology and Statistics ( Linked in profile ), I now divide my time  pursuing interests relating to the following links, however I am willing to listen to other ideas. 

If you have any questions about the information on this page, please feel free to contact Neil on 08 8331 1599 or via  Neil_Ann_de_Souza@bigpond.com.

Useful links for Neil:

  1. Accommodation:

    - Suite in Magill: www.adelaidebnb.info/Magill_suite.htm (feedback:  www.adelaidebnb.info/magill4.htm).  

    - Three Bedroom House in Magill: www.adelaidebnb.info/magill_house.htm (feedback www.adelaidebnb.info/magill_house4.htm ). 

    - Two bedroom House in West Beach: www.adelaidebnb.info/westbeachholidayhouse.htm

  2. Adelaide Walks n Talks with Neil:  http://www.adelaidebnb.info/walks.htm.
    Facebook: Adelaide-Walks-n-Talks-with-Neil-Page  &   Adelside-Walks-Talks-with-Neil- Group
    For businesses wanting to get involved with these walks, please see: www.adelaidebnb.info/business_walks.htm.   AccessAbility Issues: www.adelaidebnb.info/Accessability.htm     
      (Walks1)   Survey

  3. I am interested in anything to do with Data and often access these links.  Contact me if you have any questions:   Useful Data   --->     Detailed    --->   Very detailed   --->   a47264b     Magill_Map_2006  Example_Age_BrakeDown2016  Region  Beta  2016 Census Data Seminar Presentations   Adelaide Presentation Video
    Others than ABS Links: airdna  investadelaide.com.au/insights

    Currently looking at developing feedback instruments and collecting data from people visiting Adelaide for Tourism and Corporate purposes.  If you want to know more,  please contact Neil.  Also colaborating with www.enlighteningdata.com.au .

  4. Web design and Data Analysis 
    Interesting data about StartUps in 2017,  released 22/11/17.

  5. Business Analysis

  6. Neils-Photography-Adelaide

  7. My Rates    

  8. Locations - where are you been (if you have an android phone)?

  9. Olives in MAGILL:  adelaidebnb.info/olives.htm 

  10. Curry Leaves for Sale: www.adelaidebnb.info/curryleaves.htm

  11. Postage/Revenue Stamps and Coins for Sale:  www.adelaidebnb.info/Stamps.htm

  12. South Australian Museum: www.samuseum.sa.gov.au/   HERE

  13. Society of St Vincent de Paul:  Video1  Video2  Video3  Video4  Vinnies  SA

  14. Annunciation Church,  Hectorville, Adelaide - music ministry: Video1

  15. Adelaide: Lets be Bold and Brilliant in Business